Alcumus Safe Contractor – Safe Grease Management

Alcumus Safe Contractor. Safe Grease Management.

Grease Guru Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been acknowledged by Alcumus to be Safe Contractor Approved for 2018. 

What is the Alcumus Safe Contractor Scheme?
The Safe Contractor scheme is designed to help organisations meet the rigorous health and safety demands placed on a business prior to working on a site. By gaining the accreditation a business demonstrates to its current and potential customers their understanding of the importance they place on health and safety. 

What are the benefits to Grease Guru and their customers?
By being an accredited Safe Contractor, Grease Guru have demonstrated that they adhere to the legal responsibilities placed on them for health and safety whilst working on site. All our health and safety paperwork are up to date. They meet legal industry requirements. Meaning our clients can rest assured that we are meeting our legal responsibilities. 

How did Grease Guru achieve the accreditation?
We were tasked by Alcumus with conducting our own in-house health and safety training. These were set out by the industry recognised guidelines from the Alcumus Safe Contractor Scheme. The training was conducted by Matt, the in-house Grease Guru safety officer. All staff members who visit sites were in attendance. Each team member was shown the necessary procedures and best practices required of them to remain compliant with the Safe Contractor Scheme. Upon completion of the training each staff member was tested and awarded a certificate acknowledging their completion of the training module. 

What does this mean to Grease Guru Customers?
Each client visit that Grease Guru attends will be done so in compliance with the legal requirements set out by the Alcumus accreditation. Clients who require assistance with their grease management systems know the Grease Guru team are fully qualified and adhere to all the current health and safety regulations set out by the scheme. 

From Peter Mcgowan, Operations Director
I am very proud of the team who not only underwent the training but passed with flying colours. As Operations Director, I have always placed a great importance on not only the health and safety of our clients, but also our staff. This accreditation shows the commitment we as a company make to ensuring that we are legally up to date and responsible for every job our team undertakes. I would also like to give a special mention to our in-house safety officer. Matt has worked tirelessly to help ensure the company understood and adhered to the responsibilities set out by the scheme. As a company we very much look forward to working with new and existing customers in helping them to meet their own legal responsibilities through our ongoing grease trap maintenance and support.