Grease traps & grease management systems are designed to prevent fats, oils, & grease from entering your drainage system. This type of waste if not properly processed will potentially cause a blockage in your drains and pipework.

At Grease Guru we supply, install, service & repair grease traps, dosing units & interceptors. We can install every product we produce or stock to meet the requirements of your business

Our grease management systems which are both durable & reliable have been designed to produce maximum efficiency. We can install these systems inside, outside or mounted to the floor depending on your commercial kitchen requirements. 

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Quality products

Every grease trap, interceptor or dosing unit we install is thoroughly tested to ensure that it can withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen. We will only install a grease management system that is fit for purpose and will not fail you during busy periods.

Our products:

  • Efficiently prevent the build-up of grease, fats, oils and waste in pipework

  • Are fabricated in the UK from high specification stainless steel 305 grade

  • Conform to all UK and European regulations and requires minimal maintenance

  • Come with a unique adjustable leg feature for flexibility and ease of fitting

  • Are equipped with a glass viewing porthole for everyday monitoring

  • Are a cost-effective alternative to automated grease traps

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Speak to the experts

We have over 20 years’ experience working in the commercial drainage and grease management industry. Every member of grease trap installation team is both professional and experienced in fitting grease management systems in a variety of commercial kitchen environments across the UK.

Do you require help with the installation of a grease trap or doing unit? Why not speak to a member of our team who will discuss your requirements and arrange a time suitable for you.

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