Grease Guru Leicester

Total grease management across Leicester & Leicestershire

Grease Guru Leicester provide a total grease management solution to our partners across the region. We provide a one stop shop service for everything Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG). We have a wealth of industry experience, tools and know how ensures your commercial kitchen’s grease management system remains operational and compliant.

Our team of local engineers can install, service & repair grease traps and grease recovery units across the Leicestershire and the Midlands.

Grease management compliance:

The introduction of 1991 water industry act placed the responsibility back on the shoulders of commercial kitchens to safely manage the fats, oils and grease they produce. Grease Guru Leicester provide a cost effective range of grease trap installation, management & grease trap cleaning services. All of which have been tailored to keep your kitchen compliant with the latest water board legislation. But most importantly ensuring your commercial kitchen’s grease management system remains operational.

Who we work with in Leicester?

We work in partnership with businesses operating in the leisure, hospitality and food production sectors. From international restaurant chains to local takeaways. Typically businesses operating a commercial kitchen will produce excessive FOG. Grease Guru Leicester will work with your kitchen team to inexpensively and environmentally dispose of these bi products. These business sectors include:




Takeaway restaurants

Fast food outlets

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Fighting FOG in Leicestershire

We are the UK’s number one total grease management service provider. Our list of services include:

Grease trap and recovery unit supply

An innovative range of grease interceptors, grease traps & grease recovery units. All of which have been designed and manufactured to seamlessly perform in a commercial kitchen environment. We both sell and rent these products to commercial kitchens across Leicestershire.

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Grease trap & recovery unit installation

The grease management team has over 30 years’ of experience in the installation of grease separators and other grease management technology. Each of our technicians is fully trained to identify and recommend the right product for purpose. Then ensure it is efficiently installed within your commercial premises.

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Grease trap and recovery unit maintenance

Grease Guru are the UK’s number 1 grease trap and grease recovery unit maintenance provider. Our range of maintenance packages ensure your commercial kitchens are always fully operational and in compliance with legislation. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your grease management system can avoid costly breakdowns and expensive replacements.

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Grease trap and recovery unit cleaning & repair

Grease Guru Leicester are the regions leading total grease management service provider. Our grease trap repair and cleaning engineers can quickly attend your commercial premises and environmentally dispose of FOG’s. Allowing you to operate business as usual with minimal disturbance to your working day.

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Get a water act compliance survey

Received a FOG audit? Worried you are in breach of the 1991 water act?

Section 111 of the water industry act of 1991 states that pubs, restaurants, and takeaway premises found to be discharging oils, fats and greases into the sewer causing a compromise to the free flow of wastewater can be prosecuted. Prosecution can result in a substantial fine.

  • Have you received a letter from your water board questioning your compliance?
  • Are you concerned that you are in breach of section 111 and as a result liable for prosecution?