Grease Guru London

Introducing Grease Guru London

We are excited to announce that our new branch office servicing the London & the South East of England region is now fully operational.

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Total Grease Management

Grease Guru are the UK’s leading grease management company. We have been providing our grease management services to UK clients from our Leeds based operation since 2016. We have established a reputation for excellence & efficiency within the UK leisure and hospitality sector with our ‘Total Grease Management’ solutions.

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Why are we expanding?

Due to a period of organic growth, substantial investment and growing customer demand. We have decided to expand our UK operation to the Greater London region. Our new South Berkshire base will enable us to provide our services including;

  • Grease trap repairs.
  • Grease trap servicing.
  • Grease trap cleaning.
  • Grease trap maintenance.

To our ever-growing UK customer base

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How will Grease Guru customers benefit?

The new location will allow Grease Guru the opportunity to reach our increasing customer demand quicker and with even greater efficiency. The South England grease management team will be spearheaded by our latest recruit Peter fudge…

‘My experience as a drainage engineer and my comprehensive knowledge of grease traps acquired during my drainage & plumbing career were skills Peter (operations manager Grease Guru Ltd) required to set me to work in London. I am excited to be a part of the Grease Guru team and look forward to building working relationships with our South England customer base’

Peter Fudge, Lead Field Service Engineer Grease Guru London.

‘The new base in London, serviced by our newest addition to the Grease Guru fleet and headed up by Peter will enable us to increase our presence even further within the UK grease management sector. We have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading grease management companies and I am confident that this new venture will only enhance our reputation further. I am excited to build even more working relationships with companies looking to better manage the waste produced from their commercial kitchens’

Peter McGowan, Operations Manager Grease Guru UK Ltd.

How can Grease Guru Help You?

Grease traps are a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen or processing plant. Grease Guru can help to ensure harmful greases, fats and oils they produce are captured efficiently.

Customer care is integral to everything we do. It is for everyone at Grease Guru a continuous process. Your needs are our priority, and we will always start by understanding what aspects of our service are most important to you.

We aim to build working relationships, that work! Everything we do is done so with pride and precision. We are the UK’s leading grease management company and intend on keeping it that way.

Why not speak to a member of the London grease management team and arrange a free consultation to see how we can help you better manage your commercial kitchen waste.

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