Restaurant and Takeaway Expo

Grease Guru at the ExCel.

Paul & Ben have recently attended the restaurant & takeaway innovation expo at the ExCel in London. The annual event is organised to help restaurants and takeaways discover new services and techniques designed to improve their own offering. This year’s event had over 350 exhibitors and in excess of 200 speakers. All of which provided valuable insights into how to efficiently improve your business. 

Why did Grease Guru attend?
As it was the restaurant and take away innovations show we believed it was a potential target market. We attended to meet decision makers and discuss their current restaurant or takeaway grease management systems. A commercial kitchen producing hot food will also produce waste water and as a consequence require some form of grease trap. We hoped to discuss this with business owners with the aim of supplying a new target audience. 

What other types of businesses were in attendance at the event?
The expo was predominantly attended by hotel, restaurant and takeaway owners. All of which were looking to improve their own offerings. The event also attracts a number of suppliers looking to showcase their product range to other businesses within the sector. We felt it was an ideal opportunity for us to educate people about takeaway and restaurant grease management systems. Allowing us the opportunity to show how different types of grease and oils can cause issues with a kitchens grease trap. 

What were these conversations with business owners about?
The main topic of conversation from our perspective was grease management. Whether they employed any management systems to prevent the build-up of fats oils and greases within their commercial kitchen. Upon establishing this, we would then discuss the free compliance survey offered by Grease Guru. Then the possibility of Grease Guru looking after their ongoing grease trap cleaning and servicing. All with a view of saving these business money on costly grease trap repairs or replacements. 

What were the benefits for Grease Guru attending the expo??
The main benefit this year was to network and help businesses understand what Grease Guru do. We engaged with companies who we would not usually come into contact with. We were able to discuss our range of grease removal units, traps and interceptors. It was a great event to network with fellow like-minded businesses. 

In conclusion…
All in all the event was a good learning kerb for both myself and Ben. I have done a few in the past under different banners with different companies. We were delighted in the response from contacts made over the 2 days. As well as a few which were made during the evening at the hotel, always working! I have had numerous emails from my initial contacts. One of which inviting us to quote for a high-end chain of 53 national restaurants. This will hopefully allow for the possibility of new installations and servicing going forward. We are also in contact with 7 restaurants in central London. Finally, we are in ongoing negotiations with three large companies who work within the restaurant/hotel and water industry with a view to a joint venture with Grease Guru. All very productive. 

Paul, Business Development Manager, Grease Guru.